An analysis of mardi gras a festival or carnival celebrated once a year

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This holiday was created in the seventh century and was assigned to a date that is nine months before Christmas, in addition to being the traditional date of the equinox. If you love traveling the world and you would enjoy exploring different cultures, you can definitely add these ten festivals to your bucket list.

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Mardi Gras in New Orleans

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Student clubs will also participate, generally creating club-theme-related attractions in hopes of attracting future recruits.

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A History of the Mardi Gras, a Day of the Carnival Celebration. 1. The carnival is also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. The celebrations and the parades are held the week before the fasting during Lent. The most colorful and extraordinary Mardi Gras celebrations are held in New Orleans.

The festival can show locals and tourists a great time by bringing music, vibrant colors and a lot of fun to the. New Orleans Social clubs play a very large part in the Mardi Gras celebration as hosts of many of the parades on or around Mardi Gras.

The two main Mardi Gras parades, Zulu and Rex, are both social club parades. Zulu is a mostly African-American club and Rex is mostly Caucasian.

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Social clubs host Mardi Gras balls, starting in late January. The Mardi Gras is a week of carnival held in New Orleans before the beginning of Lent, it is the most spectacular festival in the U.S. and is a popular tourist attraction. In spite of Hurricane Katrina, the Mardi Gras was still scheduled to be held.

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An analysis of mardi gras a festival or carnival celebrated once a year
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