An analysis of the rituals performed during the muslim pilgrimage to mecca

The Hajj — The annual pilgrimage in which some three million Muslims converge on the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia — is threatening to become the next flashpoint in the Sunni-Shiite cold war.

The pebbles are thrown at the Devil at specific points in the ritual.

The Rites Of Hajj, Explained In 6 Minutes, As Annual Muslim Pilgrimage Approaches

Officials deployed 4, workers, along with ambulances and other vehicles, to Mina in response to the disaster. That could prompt an outbreak of violence, whether planned or not, at the most sensitive time of the Muslim calendar and at its most holy place, analysts say.

Performing the Sacrifice Now begins the greatest feast of Islam: Many pilgrims come from Asian countries, where the H5N1 form of bird flu has killed more than 70 people since Saudi authorities beheaded 16 Kuwaiti Shiite Muslims for bombings after originally blaming Iranian terrorists.

After the throwing of the seven stones the pilgrims who can afford it buy a sheep, a goat or a share of some other sacrificial animal, sacrifice it and give away a portion of the meat to the poor. Issues concerning crowd management, security, traffic and tensions constantly plague the successful organization of the annual event.

Rituals of the hajj

The head should not be covered, and no other clothing should be used. Six times in the last decade the Haj has been marred by stampedes or fire.

A step-by-step guide to Hajj

And whoever enters it shall be safe. Elsewhere in the world, many Muslims choose to fast on this day. Some gather 49 pebbles, other 70, and still others wait until they get to Mina.

Ibrahim left them near the present-day location of the Kaaba. When all is finally done, they return to their campsite in Mina. Pilgrims dressed in white garments. They scale a hill called Jabal al-Rahma, or Mountain of Mercy.

Hajj 2018: Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca Begins amid Saudi Diplomatic Turmoil

In performing the rituals, they join in a long line of pilgrims to Mecca — including Prophet Muhammad — who circled the Kaaba.

The pilgrim should wear a pair of stitched or unstitched sandals or shoes which do not cover the ankles. The haj takes place in the shadow of violence between Sunnis and Shi'ites that has taken Iraq to the brink of civil war this year.

We await your orders as to the next stage of the plan," Zarqawi wrote. But thousands of others slept in the open on blankets, in small makeshift plastic tents. For ladies, their ordinary and unpretentious clothes of everyday wear which fulfill the Islamic conditions of public dress, regardless of the color, constitute their Ihram.While the specific rituals carried out by Muslims today date back to the Prophet Muhammad's "farewell pilgrimage" in AD, travelling to Mecca was a sacred annual rite for Arabian tribes.

Aug 29,  · Every year, scores of devout Muslims from around the globe make the trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to perform one of the five pillars of Islam - Hajj.

The annual pilgrimage to Islam. Aug 18,  · The hajj traditionally begins in Mecca, with a smaller "umrah" pilgrimage that can be performed year-round.

To perform the umrah, Muslims circle. (CNN)A stampede during one of the last rituals of the Hajj season -- the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca -- has killed more than people and injured others in Saudi Arabia. The stampede occurred Thursday morning during the ritual known as "stoning the devil" in the tent city of Mina, about 2 miles from Mecca, Islam's holiest city.

Millions of Muslims from around the world have converged on Mecca, Saudi Arabia this week, with the annual hajj pilgrimage starting on Sunday and continuing through Friday.

In total, approximately. A Muslim pilgrim drinks water distributed by Saudi volunteers near the Grand Mosque, ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Aug. 18,

An analysis of the rituals performed during the muslim pilgrimage to mecca
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