Facilitating a business planning meeting

The more systematically you plan, the more you reduce your chances of wasting resources. Ask the participants to look at them and decide what the key issue or problem that you need to change is.

Here people should look at whether they think the causes are adequate and accurate and whether the effects are adequate and accurate. Will it make the most effective use of our resources and capacity?

This will give people a chance to think through the issues before going on to decide strategies for achieving the objectives.

Planning an interactive meeting agenda, then facilitating it in a way that allows everyone to participate should leave everyone happy from the start, and problems shouldn't arise.

Meeting Design is the deliberate act of planning and preparing for meetings ahead of time, which follows a process and includes certain key elements.

Chances are, that at some level, the meeting isn't addressing their needs. Test for agreement periodically. You can adapt it if you need to break the process into more phases: Don't tolerate it just because it happens.

As facilitators, our role is to create a vibrant atmosphere and focus the group and individuals into the tasks with optimism and rigour.

Consider using an external strategic planning facilitator for other important meetings such as project debriefs, incident reviews, evaluations sessions, change implementation programs, employee forums, community or customer consultations and leadership programs.

Other tools, such as detailed action plans, summary reports and value stream maps, also help in identifying improvement opportunities and managing progress toward achieving goals.

How to Facilitate a Strategy Meeting

Active listening helps facilitators in several ways. This might be something that is agreed for a series of meetings, or unique to a particular meeting.

Business Planning Workshops

Not doing so is like running a blindfold 10 legg-ed race with no clear direction to the finishing line. Write up the agreed goal and purpose clearly in large letters. This saves a lot of time as people don't need to chip in to say "I'd just like to add that I agree with You may need to revise the deadline for completing the plan if you realise that it is not realistic.

Who will do it? Objectives are the key results you must achieve to achieve your purpose. This often expresses itself in disruptive behaviour. Explain the proposed agenda, then ask for comments and make necessary changes. It also provides an agenda items a to g and questions you can use to lead the discussions in each step.


Meeting notes capture the path taken by the group including common learnings, ideas brainstormed, key input considered, and any prioritization sas well as decisions, agreements, action plans and accountabilities agreed upon, and other issues identified for further future consideration.

Learn what to do when a discussion isn't reaching a natural conclusion. What are the current long-term plans? Write up each agreed objective clearly on a separate sheet of flip chart paper and stick them below the goal and purpose.

Explain clearly what you want groups to do. If there is any difference of view about what the most important topics for the event, we can bottom it out here.

Lead a discussion to agree criteria for choosing the most effective strategy. What experience have we had so far that is relevant to this problem or issue and what can we learn from it?

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Could it be done in a simpler way? If you're ever unsure ask the group what the problem is and actively listen to the answer! How much time and other resources will we need for the whole planning process?Decide the best strategic planning approach/process to use and customize it Create a committee of influencers to support you with assigned roles and accountabilities Develop the right agenda, establish realistic meeting guidelines and gain agreement/5(56).

The definitive guide to running productive meetings. Facilitating With Ease! has become the go-to handbook for those who lead meetings, training, and other business gatherings. Packed with information, effective practices, and invaluable advice, this book is the comprehensive handbook for anyone who believes meetings should be productive, relevant, and as short as possible.

A planning meeting should set the foundation for real strategy, not set forth the strategy itself. Find out how one company made the most of its two-day session. Tips and advice on facilitating meetings and making them worthwhile, including facilitation roles, preparing a meeting, active listening, problems in meetings and large groups.

Creating, Facilitating and Enhancing Family Meetings for Enterprising Families Family meetings can help build a stronger family and a stronger business. They help the family plan for the future of the business in an orderly and constructive way.

The kick-off meeting is a meeting between the executive sponsor, project manager, Rapid Project Planning facilitator, and scribe. This two to four hour meeting will occur prior to the actual planning .

Facilitating a business planning meeting
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