Southern horrors

It is a story that reveals how the complex drama of political power, race, and sex played out in the lives of Southern women. Pairing the lives of two Southern women—Ida B.

She was one of the first married American women to keep her own last name as well as taking her husband's. Many more were tarred and feathered, burned, whipped, or raped. Once the Civil War ended, white people feared black people, who were in the majority in many areas.

Generally southern states and white juries refused to indict any perpetrators for lynching, although they were frequently known and sometimes shown in the photographs being made more frequently of such events.

Southern Horrors

The Dyer Bill would have tried culpable state officials and mob participants in federal courts if state courts refused to take action. The Red Record explored the alarmingly high rates of lynching in the United States which was at a peak from to She also raised her family.

Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases

I have spoken, but my word is feeble in comparison. Scourged from his home; hunted through the swamps; hung by midnight raiders, and openly murdered in the light of day, the Negro clung to his right of franchise with a heroism which would have wrung admiration from the hearts of savages.

It also presents many hidden histories of the South, which can be shocking and intense at times.

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If you can't stomach occasionally graphic descriptions of violent crimes, maybe don't read this. InWells became so disgusted with the candidates from both parties that she ran as an independent candidate for the Illinois Senateonly to lose to the incumbent; this made Wells one of the first Black women to run for a state legislature.

Congress issued a formal apology for failing to enact anti-lynching legislation.

Ida B. Wells

Review by Liz Martin Wells-Barnett gave 14 pages of statistics related to lynching cases committed from to ; she also included pages of graphic accounts detailing specific lynchings.

The strategy definitely helped to paint the entire picture of the conflicting struggles of the Southern reconstruction. She believed that during slavery, white people had not committed as many attacks because of the economic labour value of slaves. By the time I reached the end, I was struck by how much of a tribute the last chapter especially is to Ida B.“ Southern Horrors, a chilling tale that has been largely suppressed until now, exposes lynching as a gendered phenomenon in which southern women played a central role as actors and as victims.

This is a breakthrough analysis of the role that lynching served in southern political culture. Full text of "Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases" See other formats The Project Gutenberg EBook of Southern Horrors, by Ida B.

Southern Horrors

Wells-Barnett This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Southern Horrors has ratings and 19 reviews. Lydia said: Short and searing. Ida B. Wells does an incredible job researching lynchings reported in t /5.

Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases, By Ida B. Wells-Barnett PREFACE The greater part of what is contained in these pages was published in the _New York Age_ June 25,in explanation of the editorial which the Memphis whites considered sufficiently infamous to justify the destruction of my paper, the _Free Speech_.

SOUTHERN HORRORS In the late 19th century, Ida B. Wells dedicated most of her life to spreading the word about the horrific nature of lynching in the American South. Wells was a journalist, teacher, rights activist, and a public speaker. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Ida B.

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Southern horrors
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