The debate surrounding the controversial issue of legalizing marijuana

Besides the crime motion, the government will face confidence votes over the federal budget at the end of this month, plus a motion to extend the Afghanistan mission that is expected to be put to a vote in late March. Now that his incompetence is obvious, Obama should resign. But this is another good sign that the issue is at least being discussed.

That's like, it's sort of like being a car dealer in Zanesville and being blamed for the collapse of GM. Wound up getting some pretty nasty fines in court as well as a criminal record. If the Republicans do win big in November, it's possible Obama might exit stage left.

Already operating beyond the constitutional bounds of presidential power, Mr. While the government has argued that medical users who can't grow their own marijuana can obtain it from its contract manufacturer, fewer than 20 per cent of patients actually use the government's supply, Strayer wrote.

Well we have to begin with the terms legalisation and decriminalisation, and of course prohibition. Currently, medical users can grow their own pot but growers can't supply the drug to more than one user at a time.

Why is the DEA being run by someone who is not an expert on drugs? Insite was established in September,as a pilot project to reduce disease, reduce overdose deaths and foster better health care for addicts. You say a century is not long enough a train. And I am sick and tired of people like Speaker Boehner, Minority Leader McConnell, various radio hosts and TV commentators going on and on about our imperial president, how it's outrageous, how what he's doing is destructive to the constitution and the country.

Arguments for and against drug prohibition

He must be impeached. I disagree with Mr. Last month, Browder hung himself. If it were no longer a Schedule I drug, its medicinal benefits could be recognized legally.

The National Post noted that "Questions about Insite's fate had been fueled by the government's announcement last weekend that it was ready to unveil a new national drug strategy expected to emphasize a tougher stand on illegal drug use. Palin doesn't seem to understand that politics, especially conservative politics, involves taking reality into account.

The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. But that could be addressed, too, and it might open a lot of people's eyes about the condition this country is in.

Judge Ian Pitfield said Insite should be allowed to remain open for a year even without a federal exemption from current drug laws.

Marijuana debate

The Obama administration has seized authority to regulate health care, carbon emissions and labor relations in unforeseen ways. Immigration enforcement was originally a state responsibility.


Here are some concrete ideas we should pursue to truly treat drug use as a health issue. Insite's supporters, including Vancouver police, say studies have already shown it has prevented overdose deaths and helped get addicts into treatment.

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he attack took place in Houston, Texas, and the police are still searching for the suspect. Britain's Transform Drug Policy Foundation released a report, entitled A Comparison of the Cost-effectiveness of Prohibition and Regulation, on April 7, that posited savings of up to $20 billion annually under a legal, regulated drug control the April 10 edition of the Drug War Chronicle explains ("Britain Could Save $20 Billion a Year by Legalizing Drugs, Study Finds.

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The debate surrounding the controversial issue of legalizing marijuana
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